F1 2016 The Spartan赛车三维建模图纸 IGS格式 CATIA设计


简介: CATIA设计,IGS格式。

This is made using 1836 scetches. 38 of them are main ones controling whole geometry for perfect harmony. For 8 curves i have developed my own calculating schemas ( using catia + ansys), to protect geometry from flow separations and to quarantee the best possible performance at the time.
I have also designed 12 aero profiles ( many of them in casades) to get best performance.
I have designed and tested 35 front wings and 12 rear wings in CFD in order to get the best performance.
Whole car then was tested in CFD and from gained datas i re-designed whole to get the best out of it.

You can expect more versions of this car in future. I recommend to study this car further to get into its secrets !

Special thanks to Петар Трлајић for graphic and quality advice 🙂

This car is called “Spartan” because i want my work to inspire you like others work inpired me. Because Spartans schowed us, how 300 can stand againts thousands, even though it was impossible they tryed and died trying. Thats what makes us humans, we push beyond our limits, until we reach it.

F1 2016 The Spartan赛车三维建模图纸 IGS格式 CATIA设计